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Thread: Best All around Cannonball Bike? 101 scout? HD JD ?

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    Best All around Cannonball Bike? 101 scout? HD JD ?

    I have no knowledge of early vintage bikes such as the Indian Scout or 20's JD's. But just as a novice on the other side of the fence point of view. I would have to say that the simplicity of the Indian scout has it's advantages and I personally think Josh couldn't of picked a better bike for the race.

    I would like to see some discussion here on the pro's and cons of either bike, or the others too for that matter in the cannonball race.

    Also, one thing that sticks in my mind is while running with Steve Rinker, when we got separated for Josh at one of the fuel stops. As soon as we pulled into a brief meet and greet at a vfw or American legion. He came up to me and said, "I trashed my motor! At that last fuel stop, when I was kicking it over it was tight, and I can feel the heat coming off it. I built it to run at 42 mph, and I've been pushing it averaging 48 mph. I've been pushing it too hard, I trashed my motor."

    We just didn't have any time to discuss it any further, but I'm just wondering from some of the Indian scout experts what he was talking about as far as building a motor to run a designed speed? Is it tolerances?

    Anyways, just thought I would put a bug out there and see what kind of discussions we get. Just looks like that 101 is a simple engine compared to the JD's. And I don't think HD came out with a 45 flatty until late 29-30 ish?

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    Re: Best All around Cannonball Bike? 101 scout? HD JD ?

    The 101 Scout is a wonderful bike that handles better then a Harley JD, but I feel the JD is a stronger bike for the hard and long miles we pound out every day here on the Cannonball.
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    Re: Best All around Cannonball Bike? 101 scout? HD JD ?

    On all the bikes you have the auxillary systems like the charging, ignition and carb system that can break down pretty much the same way on all bikes. Then there is the basic layout that have flaws and shortcomings. On the Scout the strong points is the design!, relative simplicity, transmission and clutch but the oil system is the weak point. It works fine when tuned for a specific road condition and ride pace, but it is marginal and unforgiving if the engine would require more oil at a stage of the ride.

    There is a hand pump for adding oil to the crankcase directly, but from the seat it is difficult to monitor the oil requirement the motor has in all situations. A recirculating system can constantly deliver too much oil, for lubricating and cooling purposes and the return pump excavate the excess. It is a weak point on the Scout, but fairly easy to modify to a later Indian recirculating pump. And the 101 is stylish too, did I say that?
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