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Thread: Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

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    Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

    Both petcocks leak. I would think that in the 9 or 3 o'clock postion they would be closed. But I have to set them in the 8 or 4 o'clock position and even then they might leak out the backside of the petcock. The petcocks are from Greer. Are the bronze ones from Starklite any better?
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    Re: Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

    I like the ball valves that Eds' Indian bolts sells-I have them on my 4cyl with no problems at all. It seems that the tapered valves that Indian and others use gall up or generally wear out over time
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    The plain bronze petcocks wear,gall and start leaking in no time.The more expensive version with the plated cylinder have worked well for me for about six years now,still no leaks.Unfortunately I can't remember which of the big three I got them from,but I imagine all of them carry prettyy much the same set up.Just make sure you specify the plated leakproof ones.

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    Re: Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

    I got mine from Bob Stark he gauranteed them not to leak so far so good.

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    Re: Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

    Wilson Plank at American Indian Specilaists makes the hard chrome plated petcocks and they work well. The phone number I have for him is 714-447-4636.


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    Re: Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

    I had that same problem when I was stationed in Korea,the only cure around was a medic .........(sorry fellas I couldn't let that one go )

    on a more serious note try lapping the sealing surfaces it freshens them up, tom

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    Re: Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

    I did that too chiefrider with toothpaste worked well.

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    Re: Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

    An old thread, but I am having the same issue. I bought my valves brand new last year from one of the big three. No issues last year, but this year both are leaking where the lever meets the body - so they leak whether the valves are open or closed. I specifically bought the hard chromed version to avoid this problem. I should certainly be getting more than one riding season out of these...

    Are they serviceable? I've never messed with one, but they have a spring loaded screw on the backside of the lever. can the lever be removed and cleaned, or maybe just tightened? or are these valves already damaged if they are leaking?

    I see above someone recommends the valves that Ed Glasgow sells. I've bought from Ed before and have had good luck with his parts. I'm just not crazy about the way his ball values look - i like the original style. But I ride this bike, so function over form...

    I wrote off the vendor I bought these valves from for other reasons, so I will not be contacting him any further. I'd rather buy news ones from someone else than deal with him again.

    Anyway, can I service my current valves, or should I be looking to buy a new set?
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    Re: Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

    I've had Wilson Plank's petcocks on my Chief since at least the 2012 post above and they are still good - no leaks at all. So buying a set from him is one alternative.

    Or, you can disassemble the petcocks you have and try lapping them to get a better seal. When you reassemble them, use a silicone grease to help sealing. After you reinstall them, take care not to pull out on the lever, just turn the lever one way or the other.

    Finally, Ed's stuff is good and he's a great help to us Indian riders. So, if you don't mind the ball valve look, its another option.


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    Re: Leaking Petcocks - '46 Chief

    You can try some very light lapping compound and after checking if ok ,then use some gas valve grease. like this/

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