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Thread: Classic Harley Info Web Site

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    Classic Harley Info Web Site

    In my spare time ???? I am playing with another blog on the Internet called and I'd like to invite everyone interested in old Harleys to check it out.

    I would like to thank people like Daniel Statnekov and Dale Wlksler for allowing me to repost some info from their excellent web sites. Also would like to encourage others to submit articles and comments there.

    Please feel free to tell other classic and antique Harley enthusiasts about it too.
    Buzz Kanter
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    Nice site Buzz

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    Re: Classic Harley Info Web Site

    Looks to be a winner to me too Buzz.

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    Re: Classic Harley Info Web Site

    Thanks Buzz for all the time you spend to make this great hobby even more enjoyable!
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    Re: Classic Harley Info Web Site

    That will be another great asset to the hobby. Thanks Buzz
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    Re: Classic Harley Info Web Site

    Great site Buzz. Thanks for leaving the bread crumbs here showing the way.


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    Re: Classic Harley Info Web Site

    Great Buzz, thanks for all the hard work you do for our hobby, Larry

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