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Thread: mainshaft bearing housing.

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    mainshaft bearing housing.

    1950 4 speed tranny

    Just to be sure but I understand that the mainshaft bearing housing needs to be removed (pressed from the inside out) to remove the mainshaft.

    This tranny is 62 years old and the mainshaft bearing housing is really stuck in the tranny case. Any tricks to get this out without destroying anything ?



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    Re: mainshaft bearing housing.

    The bearing housing and mainshaft are generally removed as an assembly. Even all the kicker gears can be left on to remove it.
    Remove the shift forks and shaft
    Remove the countershaft cluster
    Remove the 4 screws holding the retainer plate. Leave the nut on the bearing!
    Heat the case fairly hot (too hot to touch) Tap the end of the mainshaft with a soft mallet ( a dead blow works best) until it slowly moves to the right end. The retainer will push out with the low gear cluster as it contacts it. Only go a little way until you can reach in and remove the third gear snap ring. A small hooked tool helps for this. Once the snap ring is out of the groove continue to tap on the shaft and the shaft assembly will come out the right side. It can be held in a vise with soft jaws to remove all the attached parts. Re-assembly is the reverse. Be sure to note that the high gear shift clutch is sided and needs to go in properly.

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    Re: mainshaft bearing housing.

    Rubone thanks. Heating the case did the trick and the housing came out without too much trouble.

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