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Thread: Kicker pedal

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    Kicker pedal

    What years used the bicycle type kicker pedal? Thanks, Stan

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    Re: Kicker pedal

    Too many to list, just about every thing from the sixties back, maybe early seventies too. In other word, which bike are you speaking of, you can buy the bicycle pedal to fit just about anything .
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    Re: Kicker pedal

    In different variations the "bicycle" pedal ran back to the teens. From '29-'62 it was the commonly seen type used as standard. In '63 it became the "popsicle" type. There are several variations especially during WWII.

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    Re: Kicker pedal

    I believe he is speaking Chrerokee here. My 440 has a solid rubber rectangular pedal with embedded lines and I believe it is factory.

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