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Thread: 1938UH build.

  1. Re: 1938UH build.

    Now I see. I thought it was plastic.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Buzz, You GOT to get a 'like' button on these reply to threads! Doc

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    Re: 1938UH build.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Mock up.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Good start!
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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Thanks Gerry. Next up is the rivets for the bezels. I restored the bezel and reflector to a mirror finish then had the reflector nickel plated and show chrome on the bezel.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Did you take pictures of doing the riveting on bucket?
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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Sorry to say I did not Sean.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

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