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Thread: 1938UH build.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Another hurdle cleared !
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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Great job Len!
    "The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed.” ~ Jacques Cousteau

    Al C

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Thanks Tom. Still have to block it and see how it looks.
    Thanks Alan for the inspiration on your "J".

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    What the hell are you doing still awake at 11pm?

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Year and a half later.

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  7. Re: 1938UH build.

    I like the spray booth. What do you do about ventilation and breathing air?

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Great color Len.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Looks like Factory paint! Doc

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Quote Originally Posted by Charles.L.Pitts View Post
    I like the spray booth. What do you do about ventilation and breathing air?
    It's mosquito netting. It kept the bugs out but still some minute airborne material. It buffed and polished out easily.

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