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Thread: 1938UH build.

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    1938UH build.

    Well, the 41 is done to a point i can live with and my 38el is again put back together and DONE!!(I know thats a dream)..Now onto my uh project(thanks Dave) which has been yrs!! in the making..I have just about everything i need and have been gathering oem parts for, again yrs!!, to finally make this happen.. between working and taking care of the family business,Paying the IRS(yea!!) it takes time to complete things on the bucket list. As you probly know, correctness is not my prime concern..Oem parts are!!!..But i'm thinking on doing this a total "restoration"(I would like the input so have at it) besides the heads,,,I love them and that will probly be my downfall,,,oh well.. My son james just got out of school and he got a B+ average so i'll be guiding him on his 48 build as well as both of us working on the 38uh.. AWESOME!!! I also have a sidecar to go with it(have'nt even started with that) as the transmission is a 3 speed w/reverse(another downfall?)... So,, It takes me forever to do this stuff and pics will be slow in coming but i'm psyched and i really want to own and ride a really nice 80" BT flatty... I already have the Venetian Blue, Burnt orange,and white trim from John Pierce.. So here it goes...This is what pics i have so far..

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    It's not a complete sidecar bike without a 3+Reverse! Nice start on this '38, man!
    You realize, of course, that aluminum heads weren't offered on BT Flatheads until 1940, right? That going to be one of the sacrifices of authenticity.
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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Looking forward to the thread
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    Re: 1938UH build.

    I am looking forward to seeing your progress. The tanks and the narrow outer primary look great. How bad was the road rash on that primary cover?

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    I'm looking forward to following the build also. Man, I dig those smooth cam covers.
    Have fun building the bike & a relationship with your son.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Had some time to take more pics this morning...Here's what i have to work with on the hubs..They'er all stepped and the 2 on the left are nice. But the hub on the right and up close photo is bent just slightly and was wondering who could repair it? I have probly everything to build them as i will sort all the internal parts and see if anything is missing.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Now onto the front ends..I only have 2 early front ends and was wondering what would be correct..The fender tabs both look the same on the rear legs. On the front legs, one has the zerks inside and the other outside..It's been awhile since i got back to this and my memory is not as good as it used to be..More research AGAIN!!! The one on the right has one leg bent just a hair and has a freeze crack in it in which will get repaired...I'll disassemble them to see what number is on the front legs..Input on these is greatly appreciated..

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Now onto the fenders...Fenders are all done except mock-up and paint..The fenders came out really nice from the tinner and the rear flip lines up sweet. But will see how it goes on install...

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    Ok,,One more..I've got to go to work..LOL..
    Here's pics of the side-car.. The frame is a 1945 But it's all there with all hardware and linkages and the body and frame are in really great condition(trade for a 38 anybody?)..The fender is cut for the later style but i have a really nice oem one for a replacement. The wheel is a 16" so i'll replace it with an 18.. The fender light is a PH6 so thats a really good thing and i do have a nos red top glass with spring for it as well. Oh,,almost forgot. I also have a really nice complete oem spare tire carrier for it also. Again,input is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all.

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    Re: 1938UH build.

    I know someone about 30 miles from you that can use that year sidecar. [cough, cough]

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