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Thread: Photo showing unusual hardtail accessories

  1. Photo showing unusual hardtail accessories

    Based on the number plates, I'm guessing that this bike is in Europe. The first thing that drew my attention was the unusual brace on the front fender. I've heard of narrow and wide braces, but never anything like this. Custom? The windshield is also new to me. There also appears to be something going on with the front crash bar but I can't make out what it is. The tires don't look rounded like motorcycle tires, they seem to have sidewalls more like an automotive tire. I wonder how this thing cornered?!! Any thoughts on this bike?


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    Re: Photo showing unusual hardtail accessories

    Just looks liek a 47 UL with a lot of crap added, maybe for a stunt rider team , (hold extra weight on the front fender) The tires? rediculous...LOL , but cheap.....

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    Re: Photo showing unusual hardtail accessories

    I dont know about everything else,but the tires look like solid rubber tires like I had on a bicycle once.

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    Re: Photo showing unusual hardtail accessories

    My 42 was running 16 inch truck tires when I bought it...Money was tight back then.....

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    Re: Photo showing unusual hardtail accessories

    There is a previous thread explaining that front fender brace. It's in here somewhere.
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    Tires are recaps. I have a few old motorcycle tires around that were capped. Bauer Built Tires in Durand, Wisconsin would recap motorcycle tires at least into the late 1970's. Never run them myself. Jerry
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    Re: Photo showing unusual hardtail accessories

    That pic is from Australia. It is described in a thread on this site. All of those mods were local and for wildlife deflection!

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    Re: Photo showing unusual hardtail accessories

    I still wouldn't want to deflect any wildlife with it at speed!

    I bought a '39 U from AMCA Chesapeake member Dave Panella of Bal'mer once (the source of the 37LEC sidecar and 3+R trans that I still have) that had an old-time 5.50x18 car tire on the front of it. It was made of World War II "synthetic rubber" and was about as hard as iron. It worked fine on the combination.

    'Story that came with the bike was that it was owned by a bootlegger from around York, Pa., who used to run the sidecar fulla liquor on runs down into Baltimore, during and after the war, sometimes with his baby girl in a basket riding on top for a distraction. We called it "The Moonshiner." It was a brushed-on black repaint. "Stealth" I guess!

    I lost track of the bike when I sold it to a bro in South Jersey with the 4-speed I put in it, but still wearing that synthetic rubber car tire. As a solo, I guess I'd have changed it, but it was the perfect, big ol' donut on that sidecar rig.
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    Re: Photo showing unusual hardtail accessories

    Victoria or South Australia (States) I belive from the uniform. Most likely South Australia.

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