Found some great scores in the first two days here at Oley and will be back tomorrow to make the last look through before heading home.

Yesterday I bought a complete and unmessed with 1928 Harley JD engine, complete and assembled with generator, manifold and carb, a nice used M51 Linkert carb (for my Cannonball bike), a cool old adjustable wrench, another Selma license plate topper similar to the one I ran on my 1915 Harley on the first Motorcycle Cannonball, the spacers I needed on the gas tanks on my 1929 Harley, and some other odds and ends.

Today I bought a brand new and shiny M51 Linkert carb REAL cheap, a cool old set of spotlights with small bullet lights installe on their sides, very nice reproducion floorboard extenders for my Cannonball bike and a few other odds and ends.

Who knows what I will find tomorrow?

Pretty good stuff, but not as good as the guy who bought a real 1907 Harley single motor in a funky bicycle frame partically made of piping by a plumber for $6,000!