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    New Oley Veteran

    Well, I'm home from Oley. My first time to this meet. The weather was a little cool and breezy but i didn't notice it much. Lots of beautiful old iron. Lots of great parts and lots of great people. I shall return. I picked up some spares and I got one of erdos sealed batterys. I'm sorry I did not get to meet him but bought it from his partner who was maning his table (Erdos was parts hunting )
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: New Oley Veteran

    We need some pictures Jimmy. Sounds like you had a great time.

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    Re: New Oley Veteran

    I am still here and been riding around on my 1929 Harley JDH Motorcycle Cannonball bike. Also picking up some wonderful parts and more.
    Buzz Kanter
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    Buzz or Jimmy, any photo's? Keep us up to date..... I missed this years meet due to back injury. But I will be there next year (if the creek doesn't rise). Keep us posted, thanks.

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    Re: New Oley Veteran

    Where are yer damn Cameras?

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    Re: New Oley Veteran

    thread is worthless without pics

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    Re: New Oley Veteran

    Sorry, I didn't take my camera, I kinda wish I had. I really wish I had more money LOL.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: New Oley Veteran

    Was there today and yes I'll save the day. Never go to Oley without a camera. Enjoy the pics.

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    Re: New Oley Veteran


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