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Thread: need places to get info and parts

  1. need places to get info and parts

    I ride my 1940 knuck when i can but I am having charging problems. I guess its time to dump the generator.I build my bikes to ride not for show so I dont care about too much original stuff.I also ride a 55 pan.It already has the little alternator with rectifier.i hane a 79 shovel that needs alot becauuse I have riden sense it was new many thousands of miles with no rebuild,basically,I dont know anybody that knows much about new technology that will make my bikes more reliable.any help is welcome. i would like a late diaphragm clutch system that would run inside tin primary to stop a lot of oil leaking and electronic ignition system.I cannot find a complete kit with all the stuff together.I ould also do it to my shovel n time although it needs a lot.
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