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Thread: Battery eliminator (capacitor)

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    Battery eliminator (capacitor)

    Anyone use one? I had one on an old Triumph back in the sixtys and it worked well.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: Battery eliminator (capacitor)

    Without a model of bike I can tell you this. The electrical system on an early H-D will not work without a battery, with the exception of magneto fired ignitions. The alternators typically used on British stuff were self energizing and could easily create enough juice for kickstarting when used in conjunction with a capacitor. An alternator equipped H-D will not!
    So what is it you are trying to do and on what bike?

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    Re: Battery eliminator (capacitor)

    Thanks Robbie, Well it was just a thought, I figured if I could get by without a battery why not. Oh, it's a 59 FL. I'm planning on getting a sealed unit from Erdos this weedend at Oley.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: Battery eliminator (capacitor)

    I had a B.E. [capacitor] on my 53 FL. Problem was lights would dim at low idle. I was running a Joe Hunt mag so I ended up installing a small 12 Volt Batt with a franks off my gen. Pretty cool set up basicly one system for firing, another for lights.

    The capacitor was thrown in the trash! best Russ
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    Re: Battery eliminator (capacitor)

    My ex-wife's '65 XLCH had a battery eliminator, and it worked except the lights would go out at idle. Made for some fun night riding...

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