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Thread: 48 Chief "barn/garage find"

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    Re: 48 Chief "barn/garage find"

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    Re: 48 Chief "barn/garage find"

    I really should have kept this one. It's a '47 with a 1950 motor. It also had a fair amount of H-D content, including the '48-'52 speedo. Like Peter's story; the owner called me 5 or 6 times, begging me to buy it. It was worth more than the $1,200 I gave him for it but that was his final offer to me.

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    Re: 48 Chief "barn/garage find"

    Quote Originally Posted by flathead8 View Post
    My brother recently went to buy some parts for his 32 Ford roadster project and the parts seller had this Indian in his shop. All he told my brother was that it was a 48 Chief he has had for many many years and that at this time it is not for sale. My brother not being into bikes snapped the photo with his cell phone for me and told the owner I would be interested in it if he ever parted with it. I am hoping that with some gentle persistence he will at least give us a chance when he decides to part with it someday.

    Hope to find an Indian like that someday!
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    I just want to find a project girder front end for a decent (i.e.; not fleabay) price...

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