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Thread: Frame / Neck Lock Pin

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    Re: Frame / Neck Lock Pin

    Quote Originally Posted by Hog54 View Post
    I got one more too.but cant remember the name.It was the best stuff I ever used.It came in a plastic squeeze bottle with a pull out spout.You squeeze it on and actually watch the rust desolve off.
    mouse milk ?
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    Re: Frame / Neck Lock Pin

    No I know it wasnt mouse milk.This stuff I had I bought at a appliance parts store and it was clear and looked like water,but you didnt want to get it near your eyes.You would squirt some on and 5 minutes later you could get the nut and bolt apart.It was amazing but I didnt use it that much and lost track of it.

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    Re: Frame / Neck Lock Pin

    One Rule...."Never" use WD40, for anything you plan to leave sit..It "promotes Rust".....WD SUCKS, ...... great for electroniics....not rust....

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