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    Harley WLDR

    Hi all.

    Im Having a look at a allmost complete WR engine that i would like to buy.
    The thing is that i have no chance to have a look at it since it has to be shipped..
    Have been reading about Fraud and all that stuff so i would like to post some pictures on the forum if there could be some of you guys that have been in touch with this guy before, just want to be sure since this kid says he doesnt use PayPal..
    So heres some pics, give me a hint if there is some pictures you guys have seen before.
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    Re: Harley WLDR

    Seen those pics before posted by another member here over a year ago. If they won't take Paypal, it very well may be a scam. Possible it's the real deal but tread lightly!

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    I think anyone who sends money, and expects anything more than a box with a brick in it to show up in the mail is a fool.

    Unless the seller has a reputation as a legit dealer in vintage motorcycles, I wouldn't spend money unless I saw it in person.

    There's an old saying........."if you want it too badly, you will pay too dearly" that applies to everything in life.

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    Re: Harley WLDR

    Those pictures look suspiciously like a set of pictures posted here about a year ago. The seller was a scammer. The pictures had been taken in the USA by the original seller in the back of a pick-up truck. The "new" seller allegedly had the engine in England and the price was too good to be realistic. And the old pictures were a red truck with a plastic bed liner. To familiar to be comfortable!
    If you cannot see it in person, pass on it. Here is the link to the old post! Note the date!

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    Re: Harley WLDR

    You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that both sets of pictures were taken at the same time. Good looking out.


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    Re: Harley WLDR

    You guys are right

    I sent him a email asking him to take a picture of the case with the VIN together with the daily newspaper (with date), said he could hide the last two VIN numbers with a box of matches, no reply........
    Guess i just will continue looking.
    thanks for all the answers.

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    Re: Harley WLDR

    Yes, I think I posted the same pictures about a year ago. I wonder how many times that guy has sold that same motor--a year later and he still scamming--amazing!

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    it turns up again and again....

    ....I bought this REAL engine on ebay about 2 years ago, so forget the pictures and anything somebody is telling you about a "good deal" on will be a loss of money and time!


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