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Thread: Fender Lamp Id

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    Re: Fender Lamp Id

    Sent you a PM.
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    Re: Fender Lamp Id

    I have also PM'ed you

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    Re: Fender Lamp Id

    Hey Everyone , i didnt relize there was going to be this much intrest in this part . I am trying to go in order of PM's .I have Two Covers , And one Lense . So if i dont respond right away sorry . If you want to move this to the Sale Thread that be cool .

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    Re: Fender Lamp Id

    Hey i figured since this is getting a lot a hits this is the Stuff i still need for my 51 Pan , I have lots of other Cool Stuff like this Light I can Trade or I have CASH .So heres the list help me out guys

    Front CrashBar (Gonna Get Painted Black )
    Front Fender Tip/Trim ( Just need the Center Piece)
    Inner Primary
    Rear Brake Drum
    Rear Brake Backing Plate
    The Handle bar Spiral Connection Pieces , the Little Pieces the Cables Hook Up to .
    Front Brake Cable
    Fuel Line Crossover (Have an NOS 58-65 One for Trade)
    Main Fuel Line
    Oil Filter Housing And Lines
    Lower Legs (Have Sandcast Legs to offer for Trade)

    If anyone has any of this stuff Please let me know .

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    Re: Fender Lamp Id

    The lens is real. I can see the circle on the top in one of the profile pics.

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