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Thread: 1965 sportster?

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    1965 sportster?

    this one is locally for sale and the owner ask me for a bid.

    he calls its a 65 sportster, i dont know anything about the sportsters and i never have one.

    i know its a bit customized, can anyone tell me what year this sportster is ?

    what is a fair price for one of this ?

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    Re: 1965 sportster?

    That is a mid '70s Sportster, not even close to '65. The dual disc fork is late '70s. The VIN number is on the right side case at the base of the center two pushrod tubes. It should match the number on the right side of the steering head, the last digit will tell you the year. It should end in something like H6,H7, etc. the H means '70s, the number the year. They are not worth a lot of money. You can get them in that condition in the US all day for $2500 or less!

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    I love ironheads, great motors, that one however has been sprayed with paint, If u get a good deal take it, they're addicting

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