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Thread: 1941 Model "WR" First Sales & Delivery Dates????

  1. Re: 1941 Model "WR" First Sales & Delivery Dates????


    Nice to see we're getting somewhere!!!

    As for "inside factory shots", only way of knowing would be to see invoices or receipts, fat chance of that happening...


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    Re: 1941 Model "WR" First Sales & Delivery Dates????

    Quote Originally Posted by Malte View Post
    As Patrick points out this is easy for us to check on the pictures of racers posing on bikes at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee,
    in conjunction with the annual dirt track races there.
    I had all of those negatives in my hand. I bought prints of a couple of them with single bike and rider and was going to order the other line up of bikes later. But the door to the archives got closed. I have contacted the guys who are the archivists at the MoCo where the negatives are now being stored. I gave them a range of the negative numbers and told them I would simply like them to look at the photo of the line up of the racers at that event and tell me how many of them had the wishbone frame. I was told that they have no way of looking them up by the number as the have changed the numbering system. The also said they couldn't look them up by date or by event. It looks like no new photos are ever going to appear if these guys can't find what an author is looking for.
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    Racers were required to own the motorcycle they raced, be able to present proof of ownership, ownership proof matched the motorcycle raced and make the bike available for claiming
    There were no assigned motor numbers and you could show up every week with a different motorcycle as long you met the above requirements
    Some racers showed up with two motorcycles with different motor numbers
    Some racers kept a spare motor with the same motor numbers and sometimes the factory had blank motors at a race for special circumstances

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