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Thread: Chrome plating

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    Chrome plating

    I want to have a few items on my 36 four chrome plated. The exhaust system being being the largest. When the factory had chrome plating done I wonder if they just plated it the cheapest way, which is just one step. I have heard of show chrome. Is it worth the extra cost to have it extra plalted. What will I get if I have my parts plated to show quality standards? (tripple plated is a term I have heard a lot) Thanks for your input. Stan

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    Re: Chrome plating

    yes copper nickle chrome is the best . my chrome guy will not touch a used exhaust as he is fearfull of contaminating his tanks .even when you bring a brand new exhaust , he gives you the "look"and asks if your positive it has not been run.

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    Re: Chrome plating

    I know oil is death to a plating tank. My muflers, and pipes are new. Stan

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    Re: Chrome plating

    Triple chroming is the best. Copper flash, nickle, and then chrome--

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    Re: Chrome plating

    Can't loose with Brown's Plating.
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    Re: Chrome plating

    Exhaust plating is normally a two stage process, nickle and Chrome , without the copper. Copper is a sure way to have very blue pipes!

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