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Thread: Battery crap!!!

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    Re: Battery crap!!!

    Thanks 50Indian, the battery is the same height but the vent elbow is positioned lower than the one on the old Ko Yo battery (see photo) I don't know why.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: Battery crap!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Big View Post
    Like muss, no fuss!

    got mine last week. can't wait to use it. now to put the bike back together when tbone finishes the motor.

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    Re: Battery crap!!!

    You can still shim th ebatter up with wood, all the way up to about 1/2" to the end of the battery hold down lug bolts. There is enough there to get the cover and wing nuts on.

    On mine, the guy who put the battery in before I got the bike snapped one of the caps off and left the broken cap in place.

    Of course it leaked acid on parts and caused some minor damage as I saw what was going on and caught it early.

    I use CarWell CP-90/Rust COP all over the bike and that location was not an issue for the inhibitor to stop the acid damage from growing and getting worse.

    That stuff makes everything on the bike look like a well lubricated and protected weapon. The pakerized parts have a really good looking sheen which protects the inner parts of the springs as the product is a ultra thin film rust inhibitor and when used on the springs, the product migrates all the way around the springs on the springer and into the tightest cracks and crevices such as the nipple contact areas on the rims and interface area between th espokes and nipples on the wheels as well.

    It lasts about 6 months and uses little on each application. I use it more frequently because we have acid rain in Hawaii that is 4.5pH and as well, a lot of mist from surf generated by the pacific that combines with the acid rain and if the parts are left unprotected the bike might as well be treated with chlorides and acid.
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