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Thread: 54 straight leg frame

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    54 straight leg frame

    SOLD Thank you

    4L is stamped on it, it needs work. Not sure what to ask, was told its worth 1500? so I'll ask $700 obo its in MI

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    Re: 54 straight leg frame

    With a 4L date stamp, it would be a 1955 frame.
    To bring that frame back to original condition will take a TON of work. Like so many from the chopper era, it's been cut, raked, chopped, and trimmed.
    The biggest issue is the steering head. Sometimes they can be 'pieced' back together, but I'm afraid that one needs to be replaced in it's entirety. Problem is, there is not a decent replacement head available currently. Oh yeah, they are offered (V-Twin is just one example) but they are NOT correct.
    The frame is also missing the usual items--- sidecar loops, footboard tabs, rear axle plates need restored, I can't see the brake stay, tank mount/seat T bracket needs replaced (be nice to keep the motor mount and retain the 4L date stamp).
    But even with all that, I know someone who might be interested. I'll shoot you a PM.....
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