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Thread: Battery charger ok?

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    Re: Battery charger ok?

    Thanks Rollo, well I just checked it after sitting all night and the volt meter reads 6.8 volt so I'm gonna remove the excess acid down to the top fill line (it was about a 1/4" over after charging) and give it a try.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: Battery charger ok?

    Thanks Tomcat, yeah I turned it off before the green light came on because I was worried that it was reading 7.8 volts and didn't want to damage it by over charging. Do you think I should hook it up and leave it on till the green fully charged light comes on? At what volt reading should I be concerned?
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: Battery charger ok?

    you said you charged it for 3 hours. I think you should be good. Yuasa says this. A battery must be completely charged before installation. Charge for three to five hours at the current equivalent of 1/10 of its rated capacity found in the manual.

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    Re: Battery charger ok?

    Wow, thank you Tomcat, that site is great. I appreciate it.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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