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    Rocket Light Sockets

    Good day lads, out of desperation to supply myself with something I needed and searched for a year with no luck I've added these do-hickies to my product line. If you own a set of bullet or rocket lights ya want to use but are missing the light bulb sockets or have striped threads? Cry in your suds no more. I make these sockets in three different varieties. For the most part they are all 1/2" on the boss that slides into the lamp. The differences lies in the thread and length of the boss. Standard for such brands as Electro-Lite etc are a 7/16-20 thread where the ones found on my spot light bar are 3/8-32. Sockets come in pairs with contact cap, insulator washer, spring , lock washer, nut and two feet of bad ass yellow with black tracer wire. The units are ready to use when you get them. Lights and light bulbs not included. $59.99 per set plus shipping. If ya need more info? or 201-683-8977. Proudly made in the USA and that includes the brass to.
    ps: I'll have these at Oley. Bob L
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