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Thread: New battery questions

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    New battery questions

    I just bought a new H-2 6 volt dry-charged battery for my 59 FL. I brought it home and added acid to the fill line. I let it sit for about an hour. and checked the voltage. It reads 6.22 Volts. Should I put it on a charger or is it good to go? The only charger I have at this point that is 6 volt capable is a straight 6 amp charger. Is that too much. I have a nice new charger that will go down to 2 amps but it's 12 volt only.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: New battery questions

    The general rule of thumb is to charge at 10% of the amp/hr rating.
    Assuming your new battery is 20 to 22 amps, you should charge it at 2 amps.
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    Re: New battery questions

    Thanks, I'm out to pick up a charger.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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