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Thread: repro speedo

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    Re: repro speedo

    I have one of these speedo (41 - 46) on my WL and it works a treat.

    The bike is never going to be a 100 point resto so I don't want to have $1000 sitting in the hole.
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    Re: repro speedo

    I too, have one of these repro speedometers on my '61 pile-o-parts. lol. 2 years & 9200+ miles, so far so good. For the $$$ spent I am well satisfied. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have an OEM speedometer on my bike, but there are many other incorrect things on it that need attention before I worry about the speedometer. One thing to note, I do see about a 10% error in that a registered 50 MPH appears to be closer to 55 MPH. I do realize that if this were an OEM unit that I could simply send it to Mr. Bordas or any of the speedo guys & have it recalibrated...however in this case that is probably not an option. Again, for the $$$ spent I am more than satisfied. This is real world feedback...from someone that has actually used the product being asked about.

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    Re: repro speedo

    10 K & still tickin'...

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