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Thread: k clutch basket or kh basket how do you tell the difference

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    Smile k clutch basket or kh basket how do you tell the difference

    is there a measurement on the shell? I know the k-s take 5 plates and I believe the kh takes a seven plate I have a k era clutch shell but I dont know which one

    I have and i also have an electric/ kick start basket off a 67-68 it has two needle bearings also how do I get pics on here?

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    Re: k clutch basket or kh basket how do you tell the difference

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    Re: k clutch basket or kh basket how do you tell the difference

    Start a free "Photobucket" account. Follow directions and start an album on that, letting it download photos you designate from your computer's "My Pictures," or wherever, then once they're in your Photobucket album, choose them by the "[IMG]" titles Photobucket assigns them, and paste those titles back here in your post in appropriate places.

    Provided you're using a Windows PC, you can go to the green "Start" button, lower left, and just above "Log Off" you'll see "Run." Click on that and type in "notepad." Creates a 'blank sheet of paper' is the best I can call it, that you 'Paste' your multiple photo's titles to (learn to leave a blank line between each photo, to make them easier to see when they're posted).

    You can compose your whole post on that notepad, if you wish, or any part of it, and (after turning off "word wrap,' as explained below) "blue" the whole thing (using Ctrl+A (for "all"), then Ctrl C (copy), then come back to the forum and open a reply box, and in that, use Ctrl+V ("paste") and fill it all in.

    Remember to use the "format" on the notepad (uncheck "word wrap") before copying what you wrote, or it will be a double-spaced mess when it finally posts). So, compose it with word wrap on, then uncheck word wrap before using Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C. Then, in the forum, use Ctrl+V and spill it all out. You can edit and fool with the looks of your post by "Go Advanced" and "Preview Post" as many times as you want, before you "Post." Hope this helps!
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    Re: k clutch basket or kh basket how do you tell the difference

    you gotta be shittin me!!! OK I will try to muddle thru your destructions ,but will probaly have to ask my wife "Whats wrong with this computer" to make it work like it's supposed to.....thank you very much...I read about "OL TEX" I was extremely entertained and the story brought a smile to my face,as I remembered how I use to play on a old Harley 45 three wheeler stuck in the weeds behind my uncles body shop...So I thank you again for the info....have a great day OK bye big jerry
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