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Thread: Cold this be a police bike??

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    Re: Cold this be a police bike??

    I know what you mean about that, "what is it worth" deal. Just a couple of yrs ago I was called to look at a 36 el, it is the unrestored one that I am now riding. I had known about the bike for about 15 yrs and stayed in touch with the owner, however he passed and his daughter got the bike. I had never met her, but her dad kept all my letters and she called me to come look at the bike. She knew I wanted the bike and asked me what it was worth, I gave her a figure I was not willing to pay, she asked what I could pay and when I told her she said she would let me know. Well, I got lucky and I guess my relationship with her dad helped and I ended up with the bike. Maybe I could have tried to low ball her, but then maybe I would not have got the bike either, just a little story I thought I would share, thanks for listening, Larry

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    Re: Cold this be a police bike??

    Congrats on the find Bojangles. I just love when the story ends like either of yours (Bojangles or Larry). The stories that are hard to hear are the ones where some guy not into older bikes comes into an awesome find and then decides to "restore" the bike with new paint and a bunch of chrome.

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