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Thread: Alright, Sarge!

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    Alright, Sarge!

    Took the plunge and joined the AMCA. Joining local Highland Chapter, only one in VA, glad I'm close. Just want some in person input and people to ride with! Let ya know how it goes. Hopefully, I'll make it to Oley this year.
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    Re: Alright, Sarge!

    Lovely, Brian! You'll love the Antique Motorcycle Club. Join their forum, too, which closely parallels this one (but it's not as fun!) Looking forward to meeting you at Oley!
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    Re: Alright, Sarge!

    When at Oley be sure to visit the Reading Motorcycle Club's clubhouse. It is a mile or so up the road that the parking lot entrance is on. Lotsa memorabilia and nice folks.
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    Re: Alright, Sarge!


    We have already talked but I too wanted to welcome you to the AMCA and our chapter. Look forward to seeing your 61 in person and ridin with you.


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