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Thread: spark plugs

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    spark plugs

    Just wondering if this is true or not. I've got a 79 shovel that is running points and was told I shouldn't run resistor type spark plugs in it. Is this correct?

    Its seems to be harder to find non resistor plugs these days at the local FLAPS but seen as how I'm in the land of NGK I might try to hunt some down.

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    Re: spark plugs

    I don't know about your bike, but resistor plugs do reduce spark intensity(for older ignition, some bikes barely run at all) look for some cross autolite 216 is HD4, but I've had better luck with Champions(I know cheap of the cheap)
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    Re: spark plugs

    Use Bosch.

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    Re: spark plugs

    Champion 12JYC

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    AutoLite 75 is the non-resistor equiv of the J12YC Champion. AutoLite 76 is equiv to Champion J14YC. NGK does not make non resistor plugs and i have not been able to find a Bosch either (although if a Bosch non-resistor equiv is made i would be interested in the part no. ?) Currently Champion J12YC is the only non-resistor plug still being produced and readily available that i'm aware of. Most of the cross reference charts list newer resistor plugs as equiv replacements and don't make it clear that the newer equiv is actually resistor type when the older ones were not. If your in doubt take along an ohm meter and check it . Non-resistor plugs measure a few ohms of resistance across the center electrode whereas resistor plugs usually measure around 25K ohms or more.

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    Re: spark plugs

    Thanks for all the replies.

    I did find the NGK non resistor which is a B6HS I'll see if I can locate some here if not I'll have to order the Champions from the states.

    I really don't want to pay the Harley Dealer what he wants for some that say HD on them approx $22 for a pair with the current exchange rate.

  7. Re: spark plugs

    FROM NGK (7534) B6HS Standard Spark Plug, Pack of 1: Automotive. ... This Spark plug has resistor that is produced with a glass and carbon mixture, ...

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    Re: spark plugs

    Thats odd list it as the proper plug for Early Shovels w/points
    This is the specs they list :Traditional Spark Plug, 14mm Thread Size, 12.7mm (1/2") Reach, 13/16" (20.6mm) Hex Size, Gasket Seat, Non-Resistor, Removable Terminal Nut, .028" (0.7mm) Gap, Heat Range 6

    Not doubting the info you got but seems funny to me that amazon would list it that way when I've found to be accurate in the past when trying to locate and identify odd plugs.

    Just shows that you can ask the same question and get many different answers from many different places.

    The cross reference below shows that the BOSCH is obsolete being replaced with the resistor type.
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    Re: spark plugs

    points need 5-ohm coil, non resistor wires, non resistor plugs--Champion j12yc is the short reach plug for earlier shovel,rn12yc is the long reach plug for '75 and later shovel- resistor for original electronic ignition in '79. you need n12yc ---long reach/ non resistor
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    Re: spark plugs


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