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Thread: Who needs FX or XL dual disc brake pads?

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    Who needs FX or XL dual disc brake pads?

    I've tried to sell these twice on ebay for <$15, with hardly any looks, and not so much as a nibble. So I thought I'd post 'em up here for free. You pay actual shipping cost, which is about $5.50 in the Continental US. Here's a link to the unsold pads' ebay listing:

    I didn't put these in the "for sale" section because they're not for sale, they're "for free" and I thought they'd get more looks here... if I should have put them in the for sale section, please excuse my error.

    Somebody please take these, I'm trying to tidy up my shop a little bit, can't bear to throw them out but need them to go away... My Pan project will be using an earlier single disc front end, so these are no good to me.
    Eric Williamson
    '52 FL (project)
    '02 FLHRI

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    Re: Who needs FX or XL dual disc brake pads?

    I will take them Eric.

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    Re: Who needs FX or XL dual disc brake pads?


    PM sent. Send me your address and they'll be on the way.
    Eric Williamson
    '52 FL (project)
    '02 FLHRI

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