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Thread: 45 servicar parts needed

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    45 servicar parts needed

    I am on the hunt for a set of tanks,oil feed and scavenger pumps, and also a gear set for a 3+r trans,also looking for shift drum.I thought i would try this route before taking chance on the flea. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.
    I am putting together a servi-car for my wife who has been in a cancer battle for two years and can no longer trust herself on two wheels due to all of the side affects of that crap they pumped into her!!

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    Re: 45 servicar parts needed

    Sorry to hear about the cancer, it strikes home with many of us. There is a set of tanks for sale on this site. Contact "silent grey fellow". It would help if we knew the year of the Servicar your building. Good luck with your search, and hope your wife is doing well. -Bud

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    Re: 45 servicar parts needed

    Thank You for the info! She is doing well after the treatments,she will enjoy the servi-car!!

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    Re: 45 servicar parts needed

    So, what year Servi?

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    Re: 45 servicar parts needed

    I have a project of the Heinz variety! I believe the frame and rear-end are of the 51 to 57 vintage,the engine cases are 47 g Its gonna be a mutt, but a rideable one. It will be a forever project to make it all correct. I just want to get her back riding her own, even tho she knows she always has a spot on the glide.Its nice to have her in the shop working on her own!

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