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  1. tank sealant

    48 Chief has a dark brownish red sealant in fuel tank. I have a small leak in the tank seam. Any ideas on how to repair without risking damaging the paint?

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    Re: tank sealant

    It's difficult to say, not knowing what the sealer is. But, I think your out of luck. Is your paint original? If it is, I'd try everything I could to save it obviously. Let the experts here know if it is, maybe someone has experience in this area. Maybe add a pic of the inside of the tank to help us recognize the brand of sealer. If the tanks are repainted, it may be easier to just start over & try to remove the old sealer to get a fresh base to solder the seal, then pressure test & maybe seal it again. I used Por-15 & I'm happy with it so far. I was lucky to work at a place with a rotational molding machine that gave it a nice even coating. Be sure to follow all the steps & get it perfectly clean.

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