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    Re: He's Hammering...

    From: Gerald Lyons [mailto:
    Sent: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 04:40 PM
    To: Lyons, Lisa V.
    Subject: He's hammering

    This is Spot,
    Your male took me for a walk, but towards the end of it, he stopped on Highland Avenue and ate some fruit or something off a tree with a bald-headed human. He’s Goldie’s owner. Goldie was barking, inside the fence, so I went over and peed on her, just to be neighborly. She seemed to like that. She stopped barking.
    Now the male is taking apart the living room, I think. He’s hammering and screwing around behind the TeeVee. I hope he doesn’t break it. I need my "Dogs With Jobs" and "Lassie" fix!
    Yours faithfully,
    --Spot the Dog

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    From: Lisa V. Lyons [mail to:
    Sent: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 04:50 PM
    To: Gerald Lyons [mailto:
    Subject: He's hammering


    You are such a good neighbor! I'm sure Goldie appreciated your attention.

    Take good care of my human until my return.


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    What can I say? He's not really very smart. He doesn't type very fast at all.
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    Re: He's Hammering...

    Sarge this to funny! Sounds like the way it is here in my home. 1 Bulldog, 1 Mut. They run the roost!

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