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Thread: Pile-O-Stuff..... (On-line Swap Meet)

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    Re: Pile-O-Stuff..... (On-line Swap Meet)

    I'm not sure what you mean? I think Dinuns1 wanted the filter bracket. I was trying to pm you about your tombstone tail light you have. I still want it

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigincher View Post
    Stuff is all gone...!

    Tomcat1, I'm waiting to hear from you on the filter bracket. I realize you're a working man, and not by the computer all the time.
    I've get it set aside, let me know. No big deal, either way....

    I kept the Clymers manual, I can use the pages for stuffing when I ship stuff.
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    Re: Pile-O-Stuff..... (On-line Swap Meet)


    Yes, I meant Dinuns1, I'm sorry..!

    I think there's room in my Inbox, go ahead and try again--- the tombstone tail light is a whole nuther subject.

    Send me a PM with your email address, I'd much rather use regular email to communicate.
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