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Thread: New member from Pa.

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    New member from Pa.

    I have been riding for well over 40 years and a amca member for over 20. Now riding a2012 flhtc and a /2 BMW. Just finishing up a 51 Chief. I will try to post photos of when done. Also have a 64 XLCH a WL and some pre unit British bikes. I have worked in custom metal fabrication of orthotic appliances for 45 years. I will try to help out when I can and pick up a lot of great information from the members on here.
    Thanks Jim D

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    Re: New member from Pa.

    Welcome aboard..! Glad to have you here..!
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    Re: New member from Pa.

    Welcome Jim,
    Glad to have you join us. I ride old American iron but also have a couple early Beemers and a pile of pre-unit Triumph stuff. A couple Beezers tossed in as well. Good to have a well rounded background. No modern H-Ds for me though!

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    Re: New member from Pa.

    Hi and welcome. Sounds like a fun garage you have there.
    Buzz Kanter
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    Re: New member from Pa.

    Welcome to the club Jim. Post some pics and stick around and hang out with us.

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    Great knowledge base
    I was raised in PA and now live just north of Savannah GA
    I have a 56 FLH I bought at the age of 17 from a guy in Tamaqua PA (1973)
    I have a 80 FXWG & 1996 FHLR also

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    Re: New member from Pa.

    I would like to thank everyone for the welcome and looking forward to meeting some of you in person at
    Oley. I have been going there for about 25 years and setting up there for 10 or so years.
    Thanks Jim D

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    Re: New member from Pa.

    Welcome to the asylum! Hey, glad you're here.
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