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Thread: Vacuum System for Blast Cabinet

  1. Re: Vacuum System for Blast Cabinet

    Probably some kind of Fernco rubber coupler- they're pretty handy for connecting whatzits to thingamabobs and widgits (aka sewer lines LOL)
    Here's a couple pics of my blaster after getting the vac setup hooked up- first time I turned on the vac setup, the gloves went straight out in the cabinet like Robbie the Robot- there was a rag stuck in the vent that lets a little air in at the top so it only gets the dust- like those holes in the "rubber plumbing fitting". The 90 at the end is slip-fit, but can just stay in there most of the time, just open the big front door and it exhausts outside- but with the sock filter setup, it comes out pretty clean. The lever on the side of the vacuum cabinet shakes the socks inside and the dust settles into the drawer at the bottom for removal. And those manifolds in the cabinet just happen to fit a 1968 Shelby 428 GT500 or a Cougar 427 GTE- sometimes you find an acorn

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    Re: Vacuum System for Blast Cabinet

    That's a nice setup.
    I've got what probably most other guys have, the Harbor Freight Special blast cabinet. It does fine for as often as I use it.
    Eventually, I plan on a wall-mount vacuum, permanently installed in the Electrical room--- the blast cabinet is just on the other side of the interior wall.
    With some creative plumbing, it'll be a simple through-wall connection. And the vac is outside of the shop environment.
    I'll extend the vacuum line in past the blast cabinet, so I can connect a regular vacuum hose to it and use for cleaning around the shop. Comes with a 30-foot hose I think.
    This is the one I've settled in on......
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    Re: Vacuum System for Blast Cabinet

    probly late on this but i would go with the TP TOOLS as well. They have really good deals on ebay and i've been using mine for 10 yrs...Also, i would never put a blaster in my shop no matter what. I built the "dog house" to house my equipment. Early Ingersol Rand 2 stage 5 hp USA made pushes 120 psi, TP TOOL Scat Blast and vacum. All said and done, 1200.00... Look around Bigincher. Their are deals out there and i couldn't even come close to do what it takes to assemble bikes with out it...

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    Re: Vacuum System for Blast Cabinet

    looks like the bar is closed!

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    Re: Vacuum System for Blast Cabinet

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigincher View Post
    I'm trying to visualize what 'rubber plumbing fitting' you used to do that with, Walt....
    Here it is. It's a loose fit on the vacuum hose but it works just fine.
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    Re: Vacuum System for Blast Cabinet

    Got it Walt, thanks..!
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    Re: Vacuum System for Blast Cabinet

    My unit has a shop vac. BUT!!! It has an additional fine filter in it. Without that extra filter your shop will look like the Sahara in about five minutes. The small shop vac with the filter is available from McMaster Carr. It is for an Econoline blast cabinet. The last vac unit I bought cost around a hundred bucks.
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