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Thread: Original WLDR For Sale

  1. Original WLDR For Sale

    I have decided to sell my 1937 WLDR. It is in pieces, but its all there. Matching cases with orig, good stamps. 3 good cylinders, 2 heads. Original paint/finish Frame, Springer and Handlebars., Wico Magneto .. Correct 37 fenders, Gas Tanks, Lots and lots of Little parts Some NOS. I literally bought this out of a "Barn", It was all packed into wooden boxes in straw and wasn't out of the barn since the 60's. I had great plans for it, but I have other obligations I need to fufill and this is out of my league... I will be making the drive to Oley and I can bring it there. PM me and leave your name and contact info for more info. I am taking offers as of now and will go from there.
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    I Forgot some pics of parts such as the Transmission and other pieces. I will get them hosted asap...

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    Re: Original WLDR For Sale

    might want to get in touch with me about the 48 pan stuff. Cooper

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    Re: Original WLDR For Sale

    Great project, however no part of that top end is '37. That is all late WR stuff!

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