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Thread: 6 Volt battery question

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    6 Volt battery question

    I'm in the market for a battery for my 59 FL. The battery that came with the bike is a Koyo H-2 (Red top) When I got the bike (59 fl) it had acid damage to the oil tank, oil filter housing and some other chrome items. I'm in the process of repairing that damage now. I knew the damage was there when I bought it. I'd like to avoid this mess in the future. In doing a search of this site I found a sealed battery in a repop Harley type case called an Erdos or made by a guy by that name. I liked the way it looked but I don't have a cherry bike and any sealed battery that would work and fit in the space behind the oil tank would make me happy right now. I've always hated these dam leaky batterys. Any suggestions?

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    Re: 6 Volt battery question

    The battery I use inside my reproduction cases is an Eagle Pitcher 6volt 18amp hr sealed lead acid battery. You can find it for sale on the internet by typing CF6v18 into google. Look at a couple sites prices vary widely for the same battery. You will have to make something to hold it in place and make a way to connect your wires.

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    Re: 6 Volt battery question

    Thank you very much Erdos!!!

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    Re: 6 Volt battery question

    I use the H2 batteries you can get at the HD shops. They fit and they work and they don't leak at the top. If you want to eliminate the drain tube you can block off the nipple and drill a small hole in the battery caps like they had originally. They used to be about $60 but think they are now around $75. If they don't have it in stock they cna order it and have in a couple of days. I know others have a differnt view but that is the set up I have on the 12 bikes that currently have I'm riding and works fine.


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    Re: 6 Volt battery question

    Thanks Rollo.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: 6 Volt battery question

    If you are experiencing battery boil over or excessive gassing, you are probably using the original mechanical cut-out relay and they don't control the voltage your battery receives in a tight enough range. The cut out relay does not control the voltage out put of your generator, only the voltage that is left over after everything else electrical is satisfied. The charging rate of your 3 brush generator is determined by the 3rd brush in your generator and it is probably set a little high to compensate for some extra electrical stuff ie., extra lights etc., added to your bike sometime previous to your buying it. That adjustment will cause your battery to be in an over charged condition when the extra stuff is not drawing voltage and that causes the battery to overheat and boil over. Something that will help is to change the mechanical cut out relay to one of the "look alike" electronic cut out relays, NOT VOLTAGE REGULATOR, available from various sources as they will control the voltage that reaches the battery in a tighter range and as an added bonus, they have the same as the original appearance and your original cover will fit right on.
    I would also check the output of the generator and readjust to the correct output range per your maintenance manual.

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    Re: 6 Volt battery question

    And Indian Frank recommends a lithium-ion battery (won't leak)
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    Re: 6 Volt battery question

    Thanks Ron, I will do that.
    Deplorable Jimmy

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