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Thread: Beehive/Boattail License Plate Bracket

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    Re: Beehive/Boattail License Plate Bracket

    Dave, don't worry with that guy. He's changing his prices all the time. If you're interested, he'll jack up the price and if he sees no one is interested, he lowers it. And the worst part is when you ask for a pic just to make sure of what you're buying, he gets angry and uses this as a reason to jack up the price. You better take care man.......
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    Re: Beehive/Boattail License Plate Bracket

    Hey Bob , again please dont trash my post if you have a problem with me . Let me know . I wish i kept our emails . But i cant recount the exact parts or amounts . But if i recall you wanted to by my siren for $150 .... ??? When you made your initiall offer i thought you were joking . So i emailed back a sarcastic reply saying Why yes ill even cover the shipping . Once i Relized you were NUTS , And that was a sincere offer , i told you NO That there worth much more than that . And you emailed me about 6 times after that each time me telling you there is NO WAY i would sell it $150 . I never was angry . There are no hard feelings i would still sell it to you but for FAIR MARKET VALUE . Again if you cant afford to Play the game dont . But Dont trash my Sale ad .

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    Re: Beehive/Boattail License Plate Bracket

    Well....If the games are over...what parts are you needing? and if you will sell a Jennywhine bracket for 10, hell yes I'll buy it.....

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