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Thread: Sunday Morning Ride - Old Moto Guzzi

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    Sunday Morning Ride - Old Moto Guzzi

    This morning was mild (low 40s) so I went for my usual Sunday morning ride with Dean (DMF1). He rode his Panhead that sounded and ran like new (finally!) and I rode my 1955 Moto Guzzi 250 Airone Militare. Yes, I know it is not American iron, but I figured you all might find it interesting.

    Dean and I rode up on the oldest bikes there by 4 or 5 decades (as is typical). We had a quick bite and Dean had to head back home. I hung out with the other riders and found out one of them fell off his new Ducati Monster on the ride to breakfast. He was scratched up but OK. He did break off the left side foot peg and bent the tip of the shifter. We has able to ride it but not easily.

    All the riders of new bikes (some with many years of riding experience) looked it over and did nothing. I had a look and said, let's move the unused left side passenger peg up to and replace the broken rider's one. Every one looked at me like I was crazy.

    The only tool I had with me was a small common screwdriver. I looked at the Ducati pegs and saw they are held on with a simple rod and a circlip. I popped off the rear peg's circlip and removed the good peg, held it up next to the broken one and figured they are virtually identical. I popped off the broken front one and swapped it. All with just a small screwdriver and it took perhaps 10 minutes.

    All the other riders stood around and watched in amazement. One said leave it to Buzz, the guy who rides the old bikes coast to coast to fix the broken part on a new bike. I am pretty sure they were all impressed with this simple act. Weird.
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    Re: Sunday Morning Ride - Old Moto Guzzi

    That old Guzzi is a cool-looking thing...!
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    Re: Sunday Morning Ride - Old Moto Guzzi

    Good for you Buzz, on all counts.
    Typical to me of modern riders, no ability to do anything related to their machines. Technology has created a generation of mechanical illiterates. Very sad state of affairs.

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    Re: Sunday Morning Ride - Old Moto Guzzi

    Dang Buzz, you'll be their new hero. Cool little bike too!

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