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Thread: 45 front hub races

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    45 front hub races

    A couple of these hubs have scored races. Has anyone turned them in a lathe, and used oversized ball bearings?

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    I'd find a better hub - they are not that rare. If I was going to fix them I would probably use a carbide round bit for a dremel the same diameter as the ball and mount the wheel hub in a lathe and the dremel in the tool holder and try to 'sink' the race slightly deeper. Another option would be to go to a different bearing set-up and cut the old races out.


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    Re: 45 front hub races

    Ive found reproduction hubs from europe, didnt wanna go that way, or china either. Any American companies making these yet?

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    Re: 45 front hub races

    Hard chrome them and regrind to stock size.

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