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Thread: water transfer decals

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    water transfer decals

    i rattle canned my tanks and want to apply decals. can yall tell me the best way to apply them? plain water to soak? drop of dish soap? dry tank,wet down tank? should i clear after application? thanks for any help cause i only want to do this once....... i hope.

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    Re: water transfer decals

    Soak until decal almost comes off the paper by itself. Plenty off soap water on tank. Always have extra decals on hand, most likely one will break especially if you don't have any extra - Murphy's law. When clear coating, only dust very, very lightly or the decal will re-act with the clear coat. Let it dry and then dust very lightly again. Repeat as necessary. Remember, bomb can jobs are not gas- proof and will most likely come off over time.

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    Re: water transfer decals

    thanks honestinjun. i'm going to try and not mess this up by next weekend. what would be a negative of not spraying clear?

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    The decal must stretch to form the compound bend. I sometimes put some warm (not hot) water in the tank, it seems to help. No clear coat means that the decal isn't protected.

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