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Thread: Istalling four motor

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    Istalling four motor

    I am about ready to install my 36 4 motor in my frame. The engine is complete. Any thing I should be aware of? I was going to make some fancy lifting attachments, but decided to just use tie down straps. Probably two at each end. If I use my cherry picker will I be able to slide the motor into the frame? I imagine the pan needs to go in part way, then tilt up the engine. I asked about this a while back, but don't remember much of what was said. Getting old sucks. Thanks again for any info. Stan

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    Re: Istalling four motor

    Stan - have never done this but may have to one day on my 41. The book covering 38-42 (assume 36 would be similar?) - says for removal.
    Straddle machine and slide motor forward off the base pads. Lift motor free of frame and rotate to the right 45 degree angle and slide out of frame, front end of motor slightly in advance of the rear. (Install motor by reverse action). Sounds easy but bet its not. Good luck.

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    Re: Istalling four motor

    Are you installing the motor in a bare frame? If you are, put the motor around the frame with one or two friends, instead of vice-versa. There are lots of handles on a frame. Just block the motor on its right side, horizontal, above the floor, and bring the frame to it.

    With the motor resting on a high-enough of a box/pedestal, level and on its right side, you can bring the frame to the motor neck-end high, also on its right side, and, just like described above, place the transmission end of the motor within the frame first and lower the neck end of the frame to horizontal, then put some engine mount bolts and nuts in their place. Then you and your assistants can grunt the entire assembly to the vertical and place it on a bike lift or anywhere you wish, with plenty of hand holds. Just have the main motor mounting bolts and nuts on hand as you sneak up on it with the frame(!)

    Very important: scrape all traces of paint off of the frame in all the places where the engine meets it. I mean, the motor mounting surfaces! Don't squash any paint in/under the motor mounts. When the motor starts, the vibration will soon pulverize any paint left in there, and your motor will be soon dancing in the frame, with formerly-tight bolts, castle nuts, cotter keys and all, hanging loosey-goosey.
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    Re: Istalling four motor

    I was able to install the motor in my 36 four frame. I couldn't lift it by myself, or lay the frame down over the motor. I didn't want to remove the wheels. So I tried lifting it with my cherry picker straight up, which didn't work. I layed the motor on a angle toward the carb side. When I lifted it up the pan slid into the frame first, and I raised the motor up on the mounting pads. It worked quite well. The project will stop for a while during my weed mowing business, which will start in a couple weeks, and end around August. What keeps you from your projects? Stan

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