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Thread: throttle

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    pics are on under my profile in an album

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    Re: throttle

    Your whole problem is that secondary arm someone put on the carb throttle lever. It is reversing the action and does not belong there. The cable should connect with the top of the brass arm coming directly off of the carb.
    And posting pics on the thread is easy. Did you look at the sticky about posting pictures? It is the first entry in the new member intro section.
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    Re: throttle

    Here it is. Robbie answered your problem but sure looks like some raw fuel issues with the carb. Probably needs a good going over. Do you have a Palmer's? If you don't you need one. Amazon has them.....

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    Re: throttle

    You can close the file on that one. Nice job Robbie.
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    thanks all gess my first question shud hasve been whether the throttle is supposed to push or pull thanks again

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