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Thread: olive paint ??

  1. olive paint ??

    Where do I find the Harley olive paint for a '26 Harley? I have a chip that needs to be repaired.
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    Re: olive paint ??

    A paint number will not get you a match for your bike. Age, and the sun will change the color of your bike. You will have to get it color matched by someone who really knows their stuff with automotive paint. I have been told by a very good automotive paint mixer that computer matching will only get you about 45% accuracy. I've had paint matched on 3 vehicles and they have never been perfect. Still, there is no digital equivalent for the human eye when it comes to detecting color variation .

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    Re: olive paint ??

    bo,although there is alot of info here,best thing to do is go get it matched.I asked dunno HOW long ago about the green from like '29 ? no luck.seems paint is the LAST thing on the list here.

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    Re: olive paint ??

    The Harley olive green is especially tough. There seem to be two versions: one trending more toward the tan side, the other a deeper green. The latter is what I used on mine, which I painted about 1997 with paint I bought from the late, lamented Antique Cycle Supply. As I understand it the paint was called "olive drab" after WW I, then "olive green." It is a gloss finish, unlike the olive drab flat paint used on W models in WW II.
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    Re: olive paint ??

    Olive Drab is the flat paint used on military vehicles such as a WLA. The Olive used by H-D was glossy.
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