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Thread: new from north carolina

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    new from north carolina

    Hi I am James from North Carolina and I am new in this community. I sure hope I will have a great time here with my fellow bikers and learn more about bikes and stuffs.

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    Re: new from north carolina

    Welcome! Tell us a little more about yourself, if you please. Have any vintage bikes already? Seeking any in particular?
    You know, the Denton, N.C. Antique Motorcycle Club of America meet is coming up in May, I think it is. That will be a big gathering of Old Bike enthusiasts, near Charlotte. Post pictures of what you might have. We love pictures!
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    Re: new from north carolina

    Good to have you onsite Mark! Hope you enjoy the topics here!!
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    Re: new from north carolina

    Hi and welcome. What do you ride or dream of riding?
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