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Thread: Old addition to the back 40

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    Old addition to the back 40

    I really long time good friend of mine(artist and harley rider) past away in october and his wife asked me if i wanted his pool table. So we went and got it and set it up on the back 40...Had it leveled and refelted. Table plays really nice and having fun with it. Mid 60's w/ 1" slate and i'm sure my friend bob is smiling that it's being used again. the wife had me hang some x-mas lights LOL..His company was "Pan-Galactic sculpture" and he made various bike parts and was a very talented sculptur with bronze. Last pic is just a sample of what he did for bikes.

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    Re: Old addition to the back 40

    you can't help but think about mortality as time moves on. If you did it right, you live on in the memory of your friends and family. More power to you 38knuckle; your' friend is in good company.

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