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Thread: Indian Frank Generator Service

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    Indian Frank Generator Service

    All I can say is he is one of the all time greats as far as workmanship and buisness dealings. I posted on the AMCA site a long drawn out history of my dealings with him on my four generator. Check it out and if there is anything you need on an Autolite electrical system repaired he is the guy for you. He can be reached at He is the best.

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    Re: Indian Frank Generator Service

    Does this guy handle Harley 32E generators? I believe Dale Cashman has quit doing generators (per my correspondence with Dale six months ago).
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    Re: Indian Frank Generator Service

    Send him an e-mail. I don't know. You can try HD generator repair out of the AMCA mag. Believe his name is Rich. They did my 68 and it is fine. He works on a boat so it can be a bit of a wait and a bit hard to get ahold of but he is 1st class too.
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    Re: Indian Frank Generator Service

    I think that Indian Frank repaired my 32E and it has been running fine for years
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    Re: Indian Frank Generator Service

    Nothing but great things to say about Frank I would recommend him to anyone. Top notch.

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    Re: Indian Frank Generator Service

    I didn't know Indian Frank was doing H-D generators, but that's good to know. Frank is one of the best, and most professional people I have ever delt with in the old bike hobby.

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    Re: Indian Frank Generator Service

    tried to buy a 12 volt regulator for my indian 4 from frank yesterday. my generator has been converted to 12 volts but i need an regulator. emailed frank and asked him if he offers 12 volt reg. he emailed me back telling me he does 12 volt conversions. i emailed him back telling him mine is allready converted to 12 volts i need a reg. he emailed me back saying sorry i ain't in the parts biz. so i guess that means if he can't bend you over the counter all the way he's not interested. seems to be the main theme i've encountered every time i have needed anything for this project except from todd at greers he wants to sell you what you need. the rest of these ducks remind me of the soup nazi on seinfeld. oh well i'll figure it out. thinking seriously about going into the indian generator rebuild buisness it must be pretty lucrative.

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    Re: Indian Frank Generator Service

    "No regulator for you!"

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    Re: Indian Frank Generator Service

    Sorry to her that T-bone. And a little surprised but then maybe not as you and I have had discussions about the four "Community"

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    Re: Indian Frank Generator Service

    yeah i guess if you can only do one thing in life you get to thinking that you're the only one that can do it and that you may be a genuis. if you are trying to put one of these bikes on the road you have a giant v on you're forehead that stands for victim.

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