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Thread: Wla vin #

  1. Wla vin #

    Have an engine with 42wlaas---- vin. can anyone explain, or help me with any info.
    Would like to put back on the road but have concerns on where I can take it.
    I thought a picture migt help
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  2. Re: Wla vin #

    All WLA's have 42WLA + serial number, the bottom case number will help you with year cases were machined as pairs, but serial numbers were by contract batches or 7 types of WLA's 1942 to 1945. Shelby

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    Re: Wla vin #

    Have an engine with 42wlaas
    Hopefully it does not have all of that, just 42WLA. If it has the extra a and the s it isn't right.
    And not all WLAs start 42WLA, There are 40WLA and 41WLA cases out there as well.

  4. Re: Wla vin #

    Rubone is right, I made the decison the extra "as" was a typo when reading the question. Early 1942 VIN cases can have 41-xxxx belly number. Shelby

  5. Re: Wla vin #

    I was not sure if I posted picture in the correct spot,so I did it twice -oops
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    Re: Wla vin #

    That's interesting. That might be some small run of WLAs for a specific overseas customer during the war. There was a batch for the Dutch, afterwards. I no longer rule anything out. But more research is required. The number stamps themselves look legitimate 2me.

    Or, it could have been someone with an accurate stamp set who found one of the (many) unstamped WLA "crate motors," and decided to make up a number unlike anything possibly already in existence!
    Bruce? You want to weigh in?
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  7. Re: Wla vin #

    A guy told me it might mean wla [army surplus] getting the extra AS in the vin .

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    Re: Wla vin #

    A guy told me it might mean wla [army surplus] getting the extra AS in the vin .
    Nice guess on his part but no, never happened. The Dutch engines are pretty well documented, as well as some Indonesian units (also with a Dutch connection). And all the variations that are legitimate use factory stampings, which those are not. Most likely a set of surplus blank cases that were stamped with either some sort of assigned number or just something pulled out of a hat. If you have a title and you are building a rider it is really no big deal. If you are trying to restore it you need another set of cases!

  9. Re: Wla vin #

    Thanks Robbie,
    Just puttin together a rider,was just wondering if it was going to be a problem riding it somewhere.
    Also have it titled with that vin.
    Thanks, Todd

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    Re: Wla vin #

    I doubt you will ever have a problem Todd. Just not factory applied so not cool for a restoration. But a rider?? Ride the wheels right off that thing!
    And as for a problem?? Not unless the problem is self created!! Be cool, ride free!!

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